In Memoriam: Geneva Patterson

A place to share memories, photos, condolences on the passing of Geneva

Condolences from Gunilla Tersmeden

Dearest Pat,
My deepest condolences that your dear mom has left this earth. So sorry that she has left earth. Yet, she is eternal in Spirit & spirit never dies.
Lots of love,
Gunilla ♥
Ps I also had red wine when my mom died. Had it every dinner and lunch on wkends.

Condolences from Jamie Shew

I sent you a personal email a few weeks ago and do not know if I used the right address. Having been through this with my Mom and knowing the burden of being caregiver, I understand the physical and emotional stress of the past few months. Your mother was blessed by your sacrifices and devotion which allowed her to be home these final days. While we have never met, my thoughts are with you sending you strength. If there is anything that you need from us, please do not hesitate to ask. We are family and that bond means no request is too much.

In our thoughts, 

Note from Barbara

Dear Pat, take one breath at the time and deal with one challenge at the time is how I survived over the years with 4 children and a nanny and working full time.
I had to keep my sanity to care and take care of other you are first remember.... love you from your cousin Barbara

Note from Frank VK

Someday you and I can sit with a cold, tall drink and compare notes on oxygen and feeding and changing and washing and escorting around and answering each and every wish of those who need us. We have become "compadres". Hang in there, and things will get even more chaotic and hectic; but you have already proven you are strong enough to handle what comes. I feel for you and wish I could come up there and weed the peonies, and what not.

Help! All set up but does not work.


Welcome to the pages for GENEVA PATTERSON

Friends and family have been active on Facebook, and it's been great to share messages there.  But Facebook is here today, gone tomorrow, and I'd like to have a more lasting record.  I hope family and friends will share thoughts here.  Much like funeral parlors' online condolence pages, but with more possibilities for sharing photos and thoughts, this blog is devoted to G.

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I cannot get this version of BlogEngine to play nicely with the site pages I've had for Geneva's artwork. After endless attempts, I have set those pages up on my own (genealogy) site. Better there than nowhere.