In Memoriam: Geneva Patterson

A place to share memories, photos, condolences on the passing of Geneva

To the sweetest Aunt that give me hope and help me recover in this life.

I came from Italy with $16 in my pocket and did not speak any english and she open up her home and her heart and make my life have a better future.

Geneva did not stop there she shower my children with love and gifts all her life she has being so special I love her and she will be in my and my children hearts always.

We all love you Gee, you are a special person that able to give so much to so many, love you Gee and thank you for all the love you share with us,

Love from all of us......Barbara, Ananda, Francis and family, Patrick and family, Angela and family.

Condolences from Gunilla Tersmeden

Dearest Pat,
My deepest condolences that your dear mom has left this earth. So sorry that she has left earth. Yet, she is eternal in Spirit & spirit never dies.
Lots of love,
Gunilla ♥
Ps I also had red wine when my mom died. Had it every dinner and lunch on wkends.

Condolences from Jamie Shew

I sent you a personal email a few weeks ago and do not know if I used the right address. Having been through this with my Mom and knowing the burden of being caregiver, I understand the physical and emotional stress of the past few months. Your mother was blessed by your sacrifices and devotion which allowed her to be home these final days. While we have never met, my thoughts are with you sending you strength. If there is anything that you need from us, please do not hesitate to ask. We are family and that bond means no request is too much.

In our thoughts, 

Vital Statistics

Geneva Helen Abbott was born to VIrginia (Virgie) (née Hawkins) and Fred(erick?) Abbott on February 21, 1916 in Commerce, Scott county, MO - a town on the Mississippi River where her Hawkins ancestors had settled three generations earlier.

When G was 2 years old, her parents moved the family - which included Dorothy, G's older sister - to St. Louis. G grew up in the Maryland Avenue neighborhood a few blocks east of Forest Park. Eventually she attended Sunday school at Giddings-Boyle Presbyterian Church.

Involvement with the youth at Giddings-Boyle under Rev. O. Wright led to Geneva's meeting Donald S. Patterson. They married July 15, 1939 - driving to Kansas City to be married by Rev. Wright at his house where he'd moved the previous year.

G and Don lived in St. Louis until January 1980, when they moved to the villa on South Sea Pines Drive, Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island, SC, that they had bought in 1973. A few years later, they moved to a house, also in Sea Pines.

In October 2002, G and Don moved into Conway and Betty Kuhlmann's former house in Vero Beach, FL. Since April-May 2009, their home has been with Pat, near Deltaville, in Middlesex county, Virginia.

Geneva passed away peacefully in her sleep about 7:54 pm on Saturday, March 19, 2011, while Don was napping at her side. They were married 71 years, and she had made it to her 95th birthday - longevity surpassed in her family only by her cousin Esther. Rest in peace.

Condolences from Jas and family

I know that no words would make this any easier so we are sending lots of love from all of us. Thank you so much for sharing your mom with us. XOXO

Geneva left us yesterday

Mom and Dad napped all afternoon, holding hands/touching arms; Mom hadn't wanted anything to eat or drink all day, didn't want to move. I'd spent all afternoon and eve with her till 1:30 am the previous day/night, she was happy, these were nice quiet loving days. She slipped away from us just before 8 pm tonight. An enormous loss, but we are thankful she had no pain or struggle, and that we were home together.

From Stacy

Dear Pat and Uncle Donald...we just got the news here. So sorry. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I have many paintings, drawings and prints to remember Aunt G by, but the most favorite thing I still have from her is a ballet coloring book, that I still bring out occasionally to color in. I always loved when we came to St. Louis to visit. Love you all very much. Stacy (and Steve, Amanda and Aidan).

I am experiencing deep bitter-sweet sorrow for my mom's aunt, who just passed away. She lived to the great age of 95 years old. She had a life-long loving and supportive husband, who was still holding her hand while she passed this afternoon under the loving care of their daughter's house in West Virginia. I have never know someone who has taken such a vested interest in sending me or my siblings the best presents for Christmas and our Birthdays. Her cards were always written from the heart with the warmest wishes. She will be dearly missed by the Maness Family. May her soul rest in peace!

Condolences from Barbara

Dear Pat and uncle Don my deepest condolences it was so sweet that Don and Gee hold hand till the end. We all being so fortunate to share this life with Gee till her great age love you both and my deepest condolences to Ron and his large family love you all Barbara Maness and my all family

Condolences from Frank and Ginny

Words cannot express our feelings at this time. Gee and Ginny were the last of their generation, and Ginny is taking Gee's passing very hard. ... Please let us know if there is anything we can do, and if there are any services for Gee in your area, all of us, the kids and Ginny and I want to make sure flowers are there. I called all of our family and they of course send their prayers and condolences. Where ever your beliefs say you are going, Gee is going to the best place. I share many memories of my early days in St. Louis where I had some great moral support and excellent assistance as I became a part of the family. Stay strong, and please, please, let us stay in touch

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